A Hungarian actor, born Bela Blasko, who made his fame in Hollywood, making the role of Dracula his own. His accent was his downfall and he was reduced to horror films.

After a succession of failed marriages, drug addiction, and alcoholism, the offers dried up. He was in the throws of making a B movie, now a cult classic, 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' when he had the heart attack which killed him. It is well known that he was buried, at his own request, in the cape he used for his famous vampire role.

He was laid out at Ulter-McKinley Mortuary, which at the time was located at 6240 Hollywood Boulevard, having since being demolished. Out of respect, or even a morbid curiosity, hundreds of fans lined the sidewalk to see the famous actor for the last time.

Bela Lugosi can still be seen taking his favourite constitutional walk along Hollywood and Vine.

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