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Like the astrology charts we have become familiar with, covering twelve sections, the Chinese have animals that do not just denote a few days, but a whole year. These can produce very effective character analysis readings. It is interesting to note that there is one mythical creature in the list, a Dragon.
Below is a brief insight into the characters of each, beginning with the Ox that is now representing 2009. Included are celebrities that were born during the rule of these signs.


The Monkey represents enthusiastic people with a restless, creative nature.
The monkey will get on well with all other creatures but are more geared towards those born during the years of the Pig and the Tiger. 

Michael Douglas - Jennifer Aniston
Will Smith - Halle Berry
Justin Timberlake - Kylie Minogue

These are the perfectionists who like to stand out from the crowd.
They get on generally well with all other symbols of the Chinese years, the Ox and the Pig being better. But be warned, two roosters should never attempt romance or a business partnership.

Michelle Pfeifer - Melanie Griiffith
Tom Hanks - Joan Rivers
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Glenn Close

Like the animal they represent, those born under the influence of the dog tend to be loyal to family, friends, and make trustworthy employees.
They tend to get on well with Tiger and Horse people, but should steer clear of the Monkey and Sheep.

Sylvester Stallone - Jamie Lee Curtis
Tommy Lee Jones - Uma Thurman
Kevin Bacon - Matt Damon

Patient and sympathetic, they enjoy social climbing, tending to want the best for themselves.
They get on well with all other characters, especially fellow Pigs, and the Sheep.

Kevin Kline - Emma Thompson
Kevin Spacey - Elton John
Sam Neill - Arnold Schwarzenegger


The restless rat can be gregarious, though tending to get more from people than what they give. They are usually well organised and trustworthy.
Those born under the year of the Rat are compatible with those under the Monkey, Ox and Dragon. These people should steer clear of the Rabbit and Horse.

Antonio Banderas - Carol Vorderman
Jeremy Irons - Hugh Grant
Jonathan Ross - Ozzy Osbourne

The Ox is an animal noted for its stubbornness, which is also a characteristic of those born under its influence. They are usually intelligent with a retentive memory.
Getting on with most characters, they are more apt to be compatible with the Monkey, Rat and Snake, but should avoid Dragons.

Eddie Murphy - Whoopi Goldberg
George Clooney - Sigourney Weaver
Richard Gere - Madonna

These people make good leaders but prefer to work alone, only calling up on troops when needed. They could give off an air of authority which will give confidence to some while others would put them down as being smug.
They are more compatible with those of the Dog and Horse, but should avoid any in-depth dealings with another Tiger. The Ox and Sheep are also incompatible.

Dan Aykroyd - Diana Rigg
Emilio Estevez - Jodie Foster
Robbie Williams - Tom Cruise

The sentimental rabbit will rarely raise its voice. Socially appealing they generally have many friends.
They get on best with Pigs, Dragons and Sheep, but may clash with another Rabbit or Rat.

Nicholas Cage - Kate Winslet
Johnny Depp - Drew Barrymore
Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie

The Dragon is easily irritated with their stubborn traits. Those born under the influence of this mythical creature are supposed to be endowed with good luck.
The Dragon is more compatible with the Monkey, Pigs, Rats and Rabbits, but relatively get on well with all the Chinese characters, that is, apart from other Dragons.

Jeff Goldblum - Anjelica Huston
Keanu Reeves - Sandra Bullock
Pierce Brosnan - Russell Crowe

Adaptable get-up-and-go people. They can be stubborn to the point of being aggressive in getting their own way.
They get on generally well with all the other characters, the Ox being better for them.

Sean Connery - Elizabeth Hurley
Ryan O'Neal - Ruby Wax
Tony Blair - J. K Rowling


The horse, full of energy, will always have more than one iron in the fire. However, they should think before leaping into action or saying something they may later regret. There is also a selfish streak at times.
The Horse gets on best with Dogs. The Tiger and Sheep are also compatible. However, Monkey's and Rats should be kept as casual acquaintances.

Kevin Costner - Harrison Ford
John Tavolta - Barbra Streisand
Scott Bakula - Janet Jackson

Those under the influence of the Sheep tend to draw people towards them rather than following the herd. However, when things don't go according to plan they have a tendency to look on the pessimistic side which can lead to a life of insecurity.
They are more apt to get on with the Pig, Rabbit and Horse. The Tiger is not compatible with those born during the years representing the Sheep.

Bruce Willis - Julia Roberts
Christopher Walken - Nicole Kidman
William Shatner - Pamela Anderson

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