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Paranormal X is continually growing in an effort to bring more information and links to the best sites for surfing pleasure.

Before it was thought to open up the doors to the curiosity of the public, helping with the enormous running costs, some were abandoned and left to fall into ruin. The stones quickly being pilfered to erect other buildings while others were brought down by the Dissolution, petty clan wars, Civil War, and some damaged during WWII when aeroplanes dropped bombs from the sky with no regard for our historical monuments.

The lists go in alphabetical order. Each estate having a main heading link which will take you to the homepage, where there is one, or an information website. Extra links which I think are of interest to that particular place have also been added. Those owned by the National Trust are linked to the relevant pages.

More sites will be added as they come to my attention. If you know of a haunted house which is open to the public, or dedicate a site to such a house and would like linking, please send details to the Paranormal X email address

Another update brings the list to 268 sites with access to the public. Each one is listed in a box at the top of the relevant page with links for those interested in a specific place or sighting. All websites have been checked but if you find any dead links please email the information so it can be amended.

Enjoy your visit and don't forget to call in again soon! 

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