This is a corridor running along the attic.

Do you see anything at the end of the attic?

This was taken within minutes of the same area but with the light switched out.

This window can be seen from all levels of the house with the stairs and upper landing running around it, this being set in the roof.

The white streak leading off from the window is something picked up by the camera.

The camera used was not digital. It was an automatic wind on film that had to be developed.

This picture was taken from the stairs after the one above.

Notice the smoky film emitting from the large window set in the roof. There is also something like an image in the smoke.

This was taken on a seperate occasion with a disposable camera and film that needed developing. The camera would only take the one picture. A second picture found the film jammed but once away from the house it was fine. A second camera did exactly the same thing but there was nothing unusual about the second picture. On the picture above it looks like someone is stood looking out the window to what is the attic. Below is the inside of the room. Nothing unusual other than it being difficult for anyone to stand that close to the window.

I should also mention that when the pictures were taken inside with the automatic wind on, that camera also jammed at one point. It then took a delayed shot of a blurred floor.


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