Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was born in Houston, Texas on Christmas Eve 1905. An entrepreneur, he had a lot of pokers in a lot of fires, which inevitably took him into film. He became a producer, director, and a major pioneer. Helping to launch the career of Jean Harlow and did no harm to Jane Russell.

Always eccentric to a point, he became a recluse, managing his interests from a Las Vegas hotel. His death is somewhat of a mystery with stories of neglect, possibly having been dead for some time before anyone contacted the authorities.

It is thought that his spirit haunts the Pantages Theatre which he bought in 1949. Strange occurrences have been reported in the area on the second floor where he had his offices, and a tall man has been seen. This is accompanied by the smell of cigarette smoke.

When vandals broke into the premises in 1990 the paranormal activity increased with loud thuds and bangs from the said offices.

Another ghost wandering the theatre is said to be that of a singer. Her voice has been broadcast through the speakers. Little is known of her other than she is thought to have died around the 1930's.

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