Born Harlean Carpentier on the 3rd of March 1911. A leading lady of the 1930's, her turbulent career couldn't possibly match her private life. Her second husband, Paul Bern, was a film director and MGM executive, and not having been married long, committed suicide under much controversy. She married again, but this only lasted a year.

Blond and classed a sex symbol, she managed to go from poor to good reviews, getting away from the dumb blond image. She fell ill while filming "Saratoga" and was treated for uremic poisoning.

It is said she haunts her former home, 9829 Easton Drive Estate. Also, that of her husband, Paul Bern, who shot himself after having beaten her so severely it caused damage to her kidneys, being that which finally killed her.

Sharon Tate claimed to have seen the ghost of Bern while staying at the house. (See Celebrity Paranormal.)

It is thought that Jean Harlow also haunts the house at 1353 Club View Drive which was the home of her mother. There have been moans of a female coming from the bedroom which she used. She was visiting her mother when news came of her husband’s suicide.

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