John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool on the 9th of October 1940. John formed his first band under the name of The Quarrymen from the school he attended, Quarry Bank High. It was at their second performance at a church garden fete that Lennon and McCartney met.

It was Paul McCartney that brought in George Harrison with John having reservations about George being under age when it came to working the German clubs. Pete Best was on drums and John Lennon brought fellow art student Stuart Sutcliffe into the mix and after numerous name changes The Beatles was born.

There have been many stories of how, why and pointing the finger of blame for the break-up of the band. Going their separate ways, John and second wife, Yoko Ono moved to New York. For a time they lived at Greenwich Village until 1973 when after a robbery they decided to move to a more secure apartment at the Dakota.
Little did John Lennon know that on the 8th of December 1980 his words in an interview during The Beatle years would ring so true when asked how he thought he would die. John replied, 'I’ll probably be popped off by a loony.' As John Lennon left the Dakota building he signed a copy of Double Fantasy and on returning just before 11pm, he was shot four times in the back.

On arrival at the Roosevelt Hospital John Lennon was pronounced dead leaving the world to mourn one of its greatest advocates for peace.

Today the Dakota is remembered as the place where John Lennon was shot dead. There was no funeral. He was cremated with Yoko Ono never making a statement as to what happened to the ashes. He is now said to haunt the area where he was gunned down. Fellow band members of The Beatles have also claimed to have felt his presence, especially on special occasions.

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