A young woman who became one of the thousands of hopefuls that descended on the tinsel town of Hollywood.

Born Lilian Millicent Entwistle in Port Talbot, Wales in 1908, she pursued an acting career that eventually took her to the bright lights of New York's Broadway. Managing to achieve roles in several different productions, all turned out to be flops. She eventually made her way to Hollywood, staying with her Uncle. Attaining film parts, one with Humphrey Bogart, but nothing substantial. In "The 13 Women" most of the film reel she appeared on ended up on the cutting room floor. Going through the daunting task of auditions while trying to save money to get back to New York, but the work seemed to have dried up. Perhaps the nude modeling that many starlets became reduced to in times of need helped contribute to her death as the picture here taken by Bruno of Hollywood in 1932 shortly before her demise. It was Sunday the 18th of September 1932 when she told her Uncle she was going to visit friends. Instead, she made her way to what was then the Hollywoodland sign, and there, jumped to her death from atop the letter H.

Ironically, a few days later a letter came saying she had been accepted for a role. The character was a suicidal female. She was cremated and is buried with her father in Ohio.
Peg Entwistle may not have found fame in life, but it is now a well known story that she haunts the famous Hollywood sign on Mount Lee. With the current trend in vandalism and spray painters the sign is guarded, and there are security camera's. There are claims that something misty was caught on one of these. She is also accompanied by the familiar scent of gardenia's.

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