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16 Church Street, Lower Almondsbury, Bristol, Avon. BS32 4DT
Telephone 01454 612757

This is reputed to be the haunt of three female spirits. One is Elizabeth Maronne who, with her brother John, was badly treated by her father. There is a plaque in the local church which says he believed his children died because of his sins.

10-11 Abbey Green, Bath, Avon. BA1 1NW
Telephone 6870 3305191

There is a lot of history here with the pub being over 300 years old. And it is reputed to be haunted.

ABANDONING This is an unfavourable dream and indicates the loss of friends or the failure of something you were hoping to go well. To abandon your lover will find you guilty of foolish actions. If you abandon someone in a dream or they abandon you, this indicates that troubles are not far away.

ABBESS To dream of meeting an abbess is favourable, showing a restoration of peace of mind after some distress or illness. Also see Nun.

ABBEY To dream of the outside structure of a church is fortunate, showing peace of mind and freedom from anxiety, the more important the structure, the better the prospects. However, the interior of an abbey is an unfortunate omen.

ABBOT To meet an abbot in a dream is a warning of ill-health but also signifies that you will recover in due course.

ABDOMEN This is a dream of contrary. If you are in pain in the dream this signifies good health and your affairs prospering because of your physical vigour. If you dream of your abdomen being unclothed then this is unfortunate, if you are married or have a lover you may expect unfaithfulness or treachery on the part of some loved one. This warns you not to confide in someone after such a dream.

ABDUCTION This is a fortunate dream, if you are carried off it signifies that you will carry out your plans against all opposition.


ABORTION For you or someone else to be having an abortion is a warning regarding health or the happiness of your marriage partner. Be on your guard against both.

ABROAD This dream shows an unsettled state of mind, a change of work is probable. To dream of others going abroad signifies triumph over your enemies. 


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