Born on the 12th of December 1915 Francis Albert Sinatra was set to go places. Singing and swinging with the big bands of the day, Frank moved on to the movies. His life was full of controversy with rumours that his career wouldn’t have been so lucrative if it wasn’t for Mafia involvement. This not only brought him into the radar of the FBI who began surveillance in the 1940’s, but also his friends who became known as the Rat Pack. The files were released under the Freedom of Information Act in 1998.

Frank suffered a heart attack and died on the 14th of May 1998 with his fourth wife, Barbara, by his bedside. He was 82-years old and had done it all his way. He was so revered in Las Vegas that the next evening the lights were dimmed on the Strip. It is not hard to imagine that his spirit should still visit the places where he performed so many times and there is no doubt some residual energy left by this larger than life personality.

The Cal Neva Resort was at one time a popular place for celebrity visitors, not just for the gaming tables but as friends of the owner, Frank Sinatra. His spirit is said to return to the retreat by Lake Tahoe in Lakeview Cabin no.5.

This is the link to Cal Neva with a nights stay being hefty on the pocket but there is a hotel close by that offers cheaper rates.

Cal Neva
2 Stateline Road
Crystal Bay

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