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Haddon Hall Derbyshire
Built in 1170 by Richard Vernon, it became the Vernon family home and is the haunt of several spirits. A history of the village, the pub and the hall can be found at the Haunted Britain website.

Haigh Hall Lancashire
A description of a visit in 2007 by a group of paranormal enthusiasts from Liverpool can be found at the Ghosts UK website where a good night was evidently had by all.

Hall i'th'Wood Lancashire
This 15th century manor house as had little added to it over the centuries. This is the haunt of a cavalier with a spirit for Christmas, his footsteps are heard on the stairs, but he hasn't been seen for a few years now. This goes on over Christmas, stopping on Twelfth Night.

Hall Place Kent
There are several ghosts here, a distraught maid servant, and another, Lady Constance, who threw herself from the tower after seeing her husband gored to death by a stag.

Ham House Surrey
Belonging to the National Trust, there are several ghosts here including a king Charles Spaniel which has been seen during the daytime.

Hampton Court London
Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard are just two of the many ghosts reported at this royal residence.

Hardwick Hall Derbyshire
This was once the home of a formidable lady of the Tudor period. Bess of Hardwick used marriage to becoming a threat to Elizabeth I's throne. The place is haunted by a lady in white and a very tall monk has been reported in the grounds. There are two halls, one nothing more than a shell and these are now cared for by the National Trust.

Harvington Hall Worcestershire
The grounds are reputed to be haunted by a woman accused of being a witch. Mistress Hicks was hanged at the cross-roads in sentence of the crime.

Hastings Castle Sussex
There are a number of ghosts to be seen here on the odd occasion, for those who are lucky enough. Thomas-a-Becket is reputed to pay haunting visits, being seen more often during the months covering the autumn or fall season.

Hatfield House Hertfordshire
A woman in a veil haunts here. There is the story of a spectral coach entering the house and going up the stairs. Details of the house and grounds can be found at Information Britain.

Haworth Parsonage Yorkshire
Now a museum dedicated to the Bronte's. This is the haunt of one of the Bronte sisters, Emily, who has been seen with head bowed as though deep in thought. There have even been reported sightings of her in the afternoon as she takes the path from the parsonage to the moors. Other times she is seen at dusk.

Hergest Court Hertfordshire
Open by appointment only, it is the haunt of Sir Thomas Vaughan, also known as Black Vaughan.

Hermitage Castle Scotland
A neighbouring clan was sent on a peace treaty, but the lord was not in a mind to stop the feud and placed them in a room where they were left to starve to death. Their ghosts are still reputed to haunt the ruins. Undiscovered Scotland give more details of the place.

Hever Castle Kent
The former home of Anne Boleyn where her ghost still remains.

The Ancient High House Staffordshire
Over the years the house has gone from family home to prison, residential home, school, etc. with many reports of paranormal normal activity over the years.

Hoghton Tower Lancashire
Ghost tours are usually held during the winter months. There have been so many reported cases of paranormal activity that the staff keep a record of any unusual events. There is this weird news article at Lancashire Evening Post.

Hopton Castle Shropshire
Supporters of Cromwell held out here for two weeks while the castle, now left in ruins, was besieged by royalists. The inhabitants are said to return along with the separate haunting of a maid who presumably once worked at the castle.

Houghton Hall Norfolk
Sir Thomas Walpole had the house built in the 18th century. Haunted by a lady in brown, this could be the same spirit as at Raynham Hall as there is a link.

Hughenden Manor Buckinghamshire
This is where the ghost of former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli is said to reside. Now in the care of the National Trust it is a shrine to the great historian who is buried at St. Michaels Church in Hughendon. A page giving the history is at Tour uk.

Huntingtower Castle Scotland
Haunted by a benevolent ghost known as 'Milady Greensleeves'. For more on Huntingtower Castle there is this Scottish Highland website.

Hurst Castle Hampshire
Though this was a temporary prison for Charles I, it is the haunt of a monk. The castle is only accessible by ferry and the Hurst Castle Ferry page gives the ferry timetables to and from Hurst Castle.

Hylton Castle Tyne & Wear
The castle, or what is left of it, now no more than a shell, is said to be the haunt of the Cauld Lad of Hylton. He was once a stable boy named Robert Skelton who was caught sleeping when he should have been doing his work. The baron, Robert Hylton, was so angry that he struck the boy with a pitchfork, killing him.


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