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Wallington Hall Northumberland
In the care of the National Trust. There have been many reports of paranormal phenomena. Heavy breathing is often heard. A page at Tour uk gives the history of the place. There is an interesting story dating back to 1697. Sir John Fenwick, baring no heirs to Wallington, was executed for his involvement in the assassination attempt on William III. His horse, White Sorrell, was confiscated, and rode by the king. It was five years later, in 1702, when it was said the horse avenged his master's death. Stumbling over a molehill, the king was thrown and subsequently died from his injuries.

Walton Hall Lancashire
Apart from there being the ghost of an old lady, locked doors have been opened. The activity is stronger in June than any other month.

Wardour Castle Wiltshire
Also known as Old Wardour Castle. The ghost of Lady Blanche Arundell still haunts her former home and the grounds. She and twenty-five faithful servants held out against 1300 besieging Roundheads for five days.

Warkworth Castle Northumberland
Left to turn to ruin, though some of the building is intact, this is the haunt of a Grey Lady.

Warwick Castle Warwickshire
This 14th century castle, like most, has seen its additions and alterations. The Earl of Warwick sold the place to Madame Tussaud's in 1978. Here there is a haunted room, a study which once belonged to Sir Fulke Greville. He was murdered in London but his spirit returned to his beloved home, having put much of his wealth into its restoration.

Washington Old Hall Tyne & Wear
A National Trust property. It receives its name from the Washington family who once lived here. The ancestors of the President of America, George Washington, and some of the Washington relics are still on display. This is the haunt of a lady in a grey dress. The sightings have been quite prevalent, going along a passage on the upper floor. For more on the ghost there is an article at Ghosts.

Westminster Abbey London
This is the haunt of three ghosts. Father Benedictus may be seen in the cloisters between 5pm - 6pm. John Bradshaw, who was party to condemning Charles I, haunts the deanery, and there is that of The Unknown Worrior. There is a page on the history at Castles and Abbeys.

Westminster Cathedral London
A black clad figure has been seen near the High Altar.

Weston Hall Staffordshire
The hall is now a privately run hotel and restaurant offering the services for weddings and conferences. It is reputed to be the haunt of a 'Grey Lady.' There have been many occurrences from voices to a horse and carriage heard rolling over gravel.

Westwood Manor Wiltshire
There are said to be a couple of ghosts here, one of them being headless.

Whitby Abbey Yorkshire
The main link gives opening times and entrance fees. The town is teeming with history and mythical tales. The Abbey itself is all but a ruin. Lady Hilda is said to haunt what remains. Now ran by English Heritage, there is more on the history at Britannia. The church nearby is also said to be haunted.

Wilderhope Manor Shropshire
In care of the National Trust, it is now in use as a youth hostel. It is said to be the haunt of a cavalier and a separate haunting, a screaming girl.

Windsor Castle Berkshire
Haunted by Elizabeth I, among others. This must surely be one of the most haunted castles in the world.

Wingfield Manor Derbyshire
In care of English Heritage, a guided tour around the ruins on a Saturday only, must be pre-booked. This claims to be one of the many haunts of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire
There have been many accounts of paranormal phenomena. There have also been reported sightings of a monk in the crypt. Apart from that it is said to be one of the haunts of Dick Turpin.

Wolfeton House Dorset
The haunt of several ghosts. One, a suicide, is a lady said to have cut her own throat.

Wollaton Hall Nottinghamshire
The Minstrel Gallery is reputed to be haunted. It has been a museum for many years which helps to keep this fine building intact with more than one attendant of the artefacts experiencing something more than beyond the normal.


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