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Cadbury Castle Somerset
Just the foundations are left of what is said to have been King Arthur’s Camelot. Reputed to be haunted by the king and his knights, ghostly horsemen have been reported at the site.

Caernarfon Castle Wales
This Gwynedd castle has suffered a somewhat lurid past. That it is the haunt of English soldiers should come as no surprise.

Caerphilly Castle Wales
A Green Lady haunts the partially ruined castle as well as soldiers on the battlements. Welsh Castles tells the history of the place.

Caldicot Castle Wales
Several ghosts are reputed to roam here. There have also been reports of poltergeist activity.

Canterbury Cathedral Kent
A place of pilgrimage with this being where Becket was murdered, but the ghost is that of another victim, murdered by Wat Tyler in 1381, Thomas Sudbury has been seen.

Capesthorne Hall Cheshire
Apart from a Grey Lady there has been other paranormal phenomena reported. There is a section on the ghosts at Haunted Mansions.

Cardiff Castle Wales
Haunt of the 2nd Marquess of Bute. There have been many reports of paranormal activity which usually takes place early in the morning. Things have been found moved in the stockroom where a misty ghost has been seen in the vicinity. A page at Castles of Wales is worth a visit.

Carlisle Castle Cumbria
In 1823 a soldier is said to have died from fright after an encounter with the female ghost that roams here. There have also been reports of a phantom cavalier.

Chambercombe Manor Devon
Here there is a haunted room once used by Lady Jane Grey.

Charlecote Park Warwickshire
Now owned by the National Trust. A young girl is seen re-enacting her death scene by drowning.

Charlton House London
Bombed during WWII, when restoration work began the mummified body of an infant was found in the chimney. The spectre of a serving girl carrying a dead baby has been reported along with the ghostly figure of Sir William Longhorne, a former owner. A live broadcast was set up for Halloween 2002 with the result that it did not air due to malfunctions, etc.

Chatsworth House Derbyshire
The building was commissioned by Bess of Hardwick, a powerfully wealthy woman during the reign of Elizabeth I. It is reputed that several ghosts wander here, including Bess.

Chenies Manor House Buckinghamshire
Once a royal prison for Charles I, there have been many royal guests sampling its hospitality. It is thought that the heavy footfalls are of Charles I which are close to a room where Elizabeth I once spent the night.

Chicksands Priory Bedordshire
A visit or tour can only be made by prior arrangement. Numerous sitings have been reported with this once being the home of nuns and monks of the Gilbertine order which was disbanded by Henry VIII. Major renovations have been undertaken at this place that's been such a fascinating part of history.

Chiddingstone Castle Kent
The haunt of a lady, a member of the Streatfield family who had the house for 400 years. Tour uk have a page giving the history.

Chilham Castle Kent
There have been numerous reports in the past of a lady in period costume and noises like furniture being moved overhead, which would be out on the roof.

Chillingham Castle Northumberland
This is the haunt of the famous Radiant or Blue Boy whose apparition glows. There are a number of other ghosts that are listed at the main website.

Clandon Park Surrey
A brief history of the house and its haunting can be found at Haunted Mansions. The place is now in the care of the National Trust.

Claydon House Buckinghamshire
Now in care of the National Trust, there is a room dedicated to Florence Nightingale who often stayed here. The ghost is that of former owner Sir Edmund Verney who died at the Battle of Edgehill. Being the standard bearer, his dead hand clutched so tightly to the pole that the Roundheads cut if off. When it was recaptured, the hand was taken to Claydon. His body was never recovered and it is here he haunts with his hand missing. A female ghost in grey is thought to be that of Florence Nightingale.

Clouds Hill Dorset
The small house, now a National Trust treasure, still contains furniture and other relics. A must for any T. E. Lawrence admirer. His motorbike, a Brough Superior, on which he was killed in an accident, can be heard just before dawn. His ghost has also been reported in the garden wearing the familiar Arab dress he is associated with.

Codnor Castle Derbyshire
Now a ruin, Tony Robinson and the Time Team visited the site which was aired in January 2008. A Roundhead from the Civil War has been seen among the ruins looking quite haggard.

Combermere Abbey Shropshire
The monks who lived here until the Dissolution have returned in spectral form as well as this being the haunt of a young girl. It is now more like a holiday village with cottages for rent with the stables having being converted for this purpose.

Compton Castle Devon
Owned by the National Trust, it is reputed to be haunted. About Britain gives more information on the area.

Conwy Castle Wales
The ghost of a former owner resides here. His wife and child were looking for him and coming from the tower they both fell down the stairs. Returning after many months at war, he found them laid out in the Lantern Room where his ghost has been seen. Welsh Data dedicated to information on Wales gives the history.

Corfe Castle or Corfe Manor Dorset
The property is said to be haunted by a headless woman who has been seen wandering the grounds. Now the ruined building is in the hands of the National Trust.

Corgarff Castle Scotland
A small fortress set in the Grampian Hills which is haunted by Margaret Forbes and others of the household after being burned to death in a clan raid. Undiscovered Scotland gives the history of the castle.

Cortachy Castle Scotland
This is the haunt of a drummer who was thrown from the battlements when he was suspected of having an affair with the then Earl’s wife.

Cotehele House Cornwall
Tour uk gives the history of the house, now a National Trust treasure. Visitors are limited to save the beauty of the building which began in 1485. Reputed to be haunted, misty figures have been reported, spectral music heard, and a herbal-type scent smelled.

Crathes Castle Scotland
Owned by the National Trust of Scotland. An interesting website to visit is Visit Dunkeld. Here a lady in green goes to the ornate fireplace and picks up a baby. The skeletons of a woman and child were found under the hearth.

Croft Castle Herefordshire
A male spirit is said to haunt the Oak Room and another wanders the castle, with the description of the clothes coming from the Elizabethan era.

Culzean Castle Scotland
Owned by the National Trust of Scotland it is now also a hotel. Haunted by the Kennedy Piper who has been seen and his pipes heard.

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