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Gawsworth Hall Cheshire
This 16th century building was once home to Mary Fitton, Maid of Honour to Elizabeth I, before falling out of royal favour. There have been many instances of paranormal phenomena and the lady that haunts here is thought to be her ghost.

Gibside Tyne and Wear
This 18th century estate is now ran by the National Trust. The ghost which haunts the grounds is said to be Countess Mary Eleanor, the wife of a former owner who is buried in the chapel crypt.

Glamis Castle Scotland
This place holds many stories and legends that cannot be confirmed, which still live on to this day. There is certainly a family secret. The place is said to be haunted by several ghosts.

Glastonbury Abbey Somerset
Said to be the resting place of the legendary King Arthur. Joseph of Arimathea laid the foundation stones for part of the building. There are also stories of visits from Jesus when just a boy, making this a holy shrine for Christianity. Monks are said to haunt the ruins and contact has been made through automatic writing.

Godolphin House Cornwall
The estate is cared for by the National Trust and is open to the public. There is an interesting section at Tour uk. A White Lady resides here. The Ghost Guide tells more about the haunting.

Goodrich Castle Hereford
The ruins are haunted by a couple who tried to flee the besieging Roundheads but drowned in the river Wye. For more on the history and hauntings try this website.

Goodwood House West Sussex
This is the haunt of a phantom coach and horses.

Greystoke Castle Cumbria
A White Lady and a monk are two of the ghosts that reputedly haunt here, the monk being seen more frequently during the month of February. It is said he was bricked up inside the walls of the castle. It is now open as an activity centre suitable for conferences and weddings.

Guildhall Yorkshire
This is reputed to be haunted by a figure whose portrait hangs in the stairwell.

Gunby Hall Lincolnshire
Now in care of the National Trust, for more details on the haunting Haunted Mansions is the place to go.

Gwydir Castle Wales
This is said to be haunted. Now a hotel, it has put together it’s own website which is the heading link.


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